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Dobbins Oregon House Fire Protection District History

A Brief History

The Dobbins Oregon House Volunteer Fire Company Inc. was first organized in 1985, as a nonprofit public benefit corporation for the specific purpose of providing emergency services to the people of the Dobbins/Oregon House area. Today, it is comprised of a Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, three Captains, and 15 firefighters and EMTs. The average age of the firefighters is 30 and the average years experience as a firefighter is 10. A new fire station was completed in 2008 which houses four pieces of firefighting equipment. Other equipment is located at substations in Dobbins and Collins Lake.

The Dobbins Oregon House Fire Protection District (DOHFPD) was created in 1986. The District is a 72 square-mile area in the northeastern portion of Yuba County centered on the towns of Dobbins and Oregon House. (See MAPS Link on District Information Page)

Major Fires Affecting the Area

Williams Fire September 27, 1997

The Williams Fire, a 5,743 acre fire started at approximately 3:04 pm on Saturday, September 27, 1997. The cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical short in a motor home. Operational resources fighting the fire were supplied by Cal Fire, USFS, and numerous Fire Districts and municipalities. Foresters from CHY Timber and Soper Wheeler were contacted to provide maps, air photos, and to help with contingency planning. Timber landowners used their own equipment to open old roads along the north side of the fire. Before the fire was contained 186 engines, 45 hand crews, 27 dozers, 21 water tenders, 6 helicopters, 7 air tankers and 201 overhead personnel were assigned to the incident. The impact to the residents and communities was immeasurable with 91 housing structures, 136 out buildings and 184 vehicles destroyed. A mass evacuation was begun Saturday with traffic control and check points in place on the 27th, 28th and 29th. At 10:00 am Monday affected residents were allowed re-entry.

Pendola Fire, October 16, 1999

The Pendola Fire burned 11,725 acres beginning October 16, 1999. It was declared controlled on the 24th of October, 9 days after it started. In that time it destroyed 76 structures. At the height of the incident 2,505 fire fighting resources were assigned. These 2,505 resources represented 20 different agencies, municipalities, and private contractors. There were a number of local departments including: Camptonville Fire Department, Downieville Fire Department, North San Juan Fire Department, Foothill Fire Department, and Dobbins/Oregon House Fire Department. In addition to these various agencies there were many State and local agencies involved which included: State OES, CHP, Caltrans, Red Cross, PG&E, Pacific Bell; and from Yuba County, the Sheriff's Department, OES, Road Maintenance, Water Department, and Public Works.

Yuba Fire August 14, 2009

This fire was started by a Red Tail Hawk flying into a powerline. The fire burned for 9 days eventually consuming 3,891 acres and two structures. Forty-one people were injured as a result of this fire and hundreds were forced to evacuate their homes or recreation areas. Some people in the area lost power but many more would have done so if the power plant at Colgate, which had been threatened, had been lost. At the height of the fire over 1,500 personnel were fighting the fire with 17 bulldozers, 176 fire engines, 16 helicopters and 4 airtankers. Again, cooperation between local departments, Cal Fire, and many other county and private agencies was required to bring this fire under control.